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Monthly Archives: December, 2007

Hotel 300

Tis the season for travel, and if you’re a frequent traveler you know finding a decent hotel gym is not always easy. Here’s a good routine you can do in … Continue reading

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10 for 10 walk

Here’s an easy interval walk to use as a warm up to any weight training session: Muscles Worked: All (cardio)Time to Complete: 10 minutesYou will need: Treadmill Start on a … Continue reading

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Lunge Jumps

All right now if you’re like me, you ate and drank way more than you intended yesterday, so let’s work off that fat with this high intensity exercise. Muscles Worked: … Continue reading

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Christmas Trees!

Ok Christmas is no time to be off your gym routine. BUT, this exercise will take you only 8 minutes or so, and it’s in the holiday spirit! Do it … Continue reading

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Ab Paddle

Muscles Worked: AbsTime to Complete: 7 minutesYou will need: Just your body Lying on your back, arms and legs extended Keeping them straight, raise your arms and legs just off … Continue reading

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Lawn Mowers

Kill two birds with one stone with this great move to work your shoulders and abs.Muscles Worked: Shoulders, AbsTime to Complete: 10 minutesYou will need: One light to medium weight … Continue reading

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Step Ups

Muscles worked: Quadriceps, Hamstring, GlutsTime to Complete: 6-8 minutesYou will need: A bench (1-2 feet off the ground) plus dumbbells for the advanced move Start facing a bench (you can … Continue reading

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