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"The 30’s"

Muscles worked: Deltoids (shoulder)
Time to complete: 10 minutes
You will need: 5-10 pound dumbbells

This is my absolute favorite shoulder exercise, which combines anterior (front), lateral (side) and posterior (back/rear) raises, to work your entire shoulder region. You’ll do 10 of each in sequence, for a total of 30 repetitions. Do the entire sequence 3-4 times depending on your skill level.

1. Position: Grasp dumbbells in front of thighs, arms straight but not locked. Place feet hip width apart with knees slightly bent.

2. Front raise: With elbows slightly bent, raise your arms in front of you until they are parallel with the floor (90 degree movement, tops of fingers facing the ceiling). Hold one count and lower. Do this 10 times.

3. Side raise: Now with the dumbbells at your sides, raise your arms to the sides until elbows are shoulder height (tops of fingers should be facing the ceiling). Lower and repeat 10 times.

4. Rear raise: With dumbbells at your sides , bend knees slightly and bend over through hips about 30 degrees, with your back flat. Raise your arms to the sides with elbows soft (here, the tops of fingers should be facing the wall or mirror in front of you and the side of your pinkie finger facing the ceiling).

Repeat 3-4 times based on your fitness level.


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