Samara Donald is: The Gym Coach

Make the most of your workout!

Step Ups

Muscles worked: Quadriceps, Hamstring, Gluts
Time to Complete: 6-8 minutes
You will need: A bench (1-2 feet off the ground) plus dumbbells for the advanced move

  1. Start facing a bench (you can use stairs if you don’t have a bench), feet slightly apart and hands on hips.
  2. Place your right foot on the bench and stand to a full standing position. Your right foot will be on the bench fully, while your left is hanging and not touching the bench.
  3. Slowly lower back down onto your left foot in a controlled motion and bring your right foot back to the starting position.
  4. Repeat to complete 12 total step ups and then do 12 on your left leg. Do the entire set 3 times.

Tip: Remember to keep your upper body straight (shoulders back, chest up) the whole time; do not lean forward while stepping up. This will keep the exercise targeted to your lower body.

For a more advanced exercise, try holding dumbbells at your sides; start with 5 lbs each and progress as you become stronger.

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