Samara Donald is: The Gym Coach

Make the most of your workout!

Hotel 300

Tis the season for travel, and if you’re a frequent traveler you know finding a decent hotel gym is not always easy. Here’s a good routine you can do in your hotel room (or when staying on Mom’s sofa):

Muscles Worked: All major groups
Time to Complete: 20 minutes
You will Need: Just your body

  1. Start by performing 25 regular crunches (both feet flat on the floor), followed by 25 side crunches to the right (left foot on right knee) and 25 to the left (right foot on left knee)
  2. Do 25 lunges on your right, and 25 on your left
  3. Do 25 pushups
  4. Do 2 complete sets for a total 300 reps — thus the “Hotel 300”

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