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Monthly Archives: January, 2008

3 ingrediant perfect lunch

Today’s gymcoach entry is not an exersize at all but a delicious, healthy, low fat and packed with protein lunch any busy professional can do!Time to complete: 5 minutesYou will … Continue reading

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If you’re envious of ballerina’s legs, you should be. But if you don’t have time to be dancing five hours a day, try this inner thigh shaping exercise.Muscles worked: LegsTime … Continue reading

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One legged squat

Tired of doing the same old squats? Kick it up a notch by doing one leg at a time.Muscles worked: Quads, glutes, hamstringsTime to complete: 7-8 minutesYou will need: A … Continue reading

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Cardio Circuit

Bored on the treadmill or elliptical, but still need the cardio? Try to mix it up a bit with this simple cardio circuit!Muscles worked: All (Cardio)Time to complete: 30 minutes … Continue reading

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Hot Cross Buns

Well now, if that title brought to mind sugary sweet yummy-ness, I’m very sorry. I was talking about your glutes! You want em’ hot right? Work them out hard with … Continue reading

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London bridges falling down

In honor of actually being in London, UK today, let’s try this little hamstring move to get your walking legs in shape!Muscles worked: HamstringsTime to complete: 8-10 minutesYou will need: … Continue reading

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Head-and shoulders-knees-and-toes (knees and toes!)

Did you ever sing that song when you were younger? …Ok if you didn’t then that won’t be funny – but if you did, try this adult version with weights! … Continue reading

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