Samara Donald is: The Gym Coach

Make the most of your workout!

Sumo Squats

Ok so Sumo wrestlers aren’t exactly slim, but this leg shaping exercise will make you so!

Muscles worked: Adductors (inner thigh), Quadriceps, Gluteous
Time to complete: 8 minutes
You will need: One heavy dumbbell (25-35 lbs)

  1. Start by placing the heavy dumbbell on its side in front of you (balancing on one plate).
  2. Place your feet in a wide stance (wider than shoulder width), toes pointing out.
  3. With your upper body stable, shoulders back and chest up, slowly descend into a squat stance.
  4. Safely pick up the weight (lifting with the legs) and bring close to your body with your arms extended.
  5. Extend your legs returning to the starting position, then descend again keeping your arms, upper body, and the weight stable.
  6. Complete 15 full squats for a full set, set the weight down and rest 30 seconds, then complete 2 more sets.

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