Samara Donald is: The Gym Coach

Make the most of your workout!

Dead Lift

I’m not really sure where the term “dead lift” came from anyway, and some call this exercise simply a “hip hinge.” Either way, it’s a great way to target your hams!

Muscles worked: Hamstrings
Time to complete: 6 minutes
You will need: Medium weight dumbbells (10-15 lbs) or a barbell (15-25 lbs)

  1. Stand with feet a bit narrower than shoulder width, hands in an overhand grip on dumbbells or a barbell.
  2. Keeping your back flat (but not overextended) and knees straight but soft (not locked), bend at the hip and glide the weights close against your legs toward your feet.
  3. When you reach your maximum hamstring flex (weights should nearly reach your feet), return to the starting position.
  4. Repeat a total of 12-15 reps for a full set; rest 30-60 seconds then repeat for 2 more full sets.

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