Samara Donald is: The Gym Coach

Make the most of your workout!

Head-and shoulders-knees-and-toes (knees and toes!)

Did you ever sing that song when you were younger? …Ok if you didn’t then that won’t be funny – but if you did, try this adult version with weights! (and try not to giggle).

Muscles worked: Arms, Shoulders
Time to complete: 8-10 minutes
You will need: One medium weight dumbbell

  1. Start with feet wider than shoulder width apart, toes forward. Place the dumbbell in your right hand and left hand on your left hip.
  2. Bend at the knees and lower into a squat position, while bringing the dumbbell to your left toe.
  3. While extending out of the squat, bring the dumbbell to graze your LEFT knee, then RIGHT hip, and finally to meet the RIGHT shoulder with elbow bent. At this point your legs should be fully extended into a standing upright position.
  4. Repeat 12 times total on the right, then 12 times on the left for a full set; rest 30 seconds then perform 2 more sets.
  5. Want a more advanced workout? Raise the opposite leg from the arm holding the dumbbell about 2″ off the floor (e.g. if the dumbbell is in your right hand, raise your left leg)

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