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Monthly Archives: February, 2008

3 ingredient perfect breakfast!

Don’t tell me you don’t have time to cook and eat a healthy breakfast. It takes only 3 minutes to fix and just as many to eat this delicious healthy … Continue reading

February 18, 2008 · 1 Comment

Arnold Press

Muscles worked: ShouldersTime to complete: 8-10 minutesYou will need: Two dumbbells, medium weight (5-10 lbs if you are just starting) Stand straight up with feet hip width apart; bend elbows … Continue reading

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I’m in sunny California today, and the vitamin D is flowing! If you live in a sunny state, take advantage and walk your way to fitness. There are all kinds … Continue reading

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Weeble-Wobble (and don’t fall down!)

If you don’t remember that catchy commercial, you’re too young! Muscles worked: Legs, absTime to complete: 6-8 minutesYou will need: Dumbbells (optional) Stand with feet shoulder width apart, and if … Continue reading

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One Legged Dead Lifts

As if dead lifts weren’t hard enough with two legs?! Oh no. Try this one legged exercise for some real concentration in your hams!Muscles Worked: HamstringsTime to Complete: 8 minutesYou … Continue reading

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Fat Blast 10 (Interval run)

You know my philosophy already: interval running is the best way to burn fat! Here’s a quick 10 minute cycle to get you into this trend. Intermediate runners, try 2 … Continue reading

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