Samara Donald is: The Gym Coach

Make the most of your workout!

Fat Blast 10 (Interval run)

You know my philosophy already: interval running is the best way to burn fat! Here’s a quick 10 minute cycle to get you into this trend. Intermediate runners, try 2 cycles and if you’re advanced – try it 3 full times through. Go to it!

Muscles Worked: All (Cardio)
Time to Complete: 3 min warmup + 10 min (begining), 20 min (intermediate, or 30 min (advanced)
You will need: Treadmill

Warm up for 3 minutes by walking at a moderate pace

  1. Jog at your 65% MHR* for 3 minutes
  2. Increase speed and run (about 80% MHR) for 2 minutes
  3. WALK for 1 minute at no more than 50% MHR
  4. RUN fast at your 90% MHR for 1 minute
  5. WALK for 1 minute
  6. RUN fast again at your 90% MHR for 1 minute
  7. WALK for 1 minute

*MHR is your Maximum Heart rate. An easy calculation is 220 less your age.


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