Samara Donald is: The Gym Coach

Make the most of your workout!

Plank Row

Summer is here and out come the sleeveless tops and strappy dresses. There’s no better way to get your back and shoulders in shape (and as a bonus work your core too!) than these plank rows. I’ve got two levels for you.

Muscles Worked: Back, Shoulders, Core (and on advanced, glutes)
Time To Complete: 6-8 minutes
You will need: One 5-8 lb. dumbbell

1. Start in a plank position, parallel to the floor balancing on hands and balls of feet. Remember to keep your back flat and neck in line with your spine.
2. Grabbing the dumbbell with one hand, bend at the elbow and pull your elbow back toward the ceiling in a row — do not turn your body!
3. Complete 12 rows on one side, then switch to the other side and complete 12 repetitions (REPS) for one complete SET.
4. Rest 30-60 seconds then complete 2 more SETs.

**For an advanced move, lift the leg opposing the rowing arm (on the same side as your stable arm) and squeeze the glute – keep the leg lifted through the entire 12 reps for each side.

Level One: Level Two:


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