Samara Donald is: The Gym Coach

Make the most of your workout!

Dead lift power press

Want a workout with a real pop? Try this total body shaper for a 3-part exercise in one.

Muscles worked
: Legs, Biceps, Shoulders
Time to complete: 6-8 minutes
You will need: A 20-25 barbell (women; add 10 lbs guys), or 2 10 lb dumbbells (15-20 lbs for guys)

  1. Start by standing in “neutral” position – head up, shoulders back, chest raised; feet about hip width apart.
  2. (Part 1) Descend into a dead lift – bending at the waist and gliding the weight(s) about 2” from the fronts of your legs all the way to the bottom of your calves.
  3. (Part 2) Return to neutral position, then immediately bend into a narrow squat while performing a bicep curl.
  4. (Part 3) Turn your forearms so that the backs of hands are facing you, then push out of the squat, through the heels, and into an overhead shoulder press.
  5. Return to neutral position and you have completed one rep; perform 12-15 reps for one full set. Rest 30-60 seconds then perform 2 more sets.

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