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Monthly Archives: February, 2009

My ab secret

Shh… I’ll tell you a little secret. I almost never workout my abs. At least not in the traditional way of crunches and sit ups. Yet, I maintain a pretty … Continue reading

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Tricep Circut

The Tricep is the large muscle on the back of the arm ( – not only is it a complex muscle (Tri= 3 parts), but if trained right (with this … Continue reading

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Spinach Hummus Wrap Snack (Quick and Delicious!)

Here’s a recipe for a very easy veggie wrap, packed with potassium. Because it’s veggie, this wrap isn’t super high in protein, but you can add whole black (or other) … Continue reading

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Your new You

It’s the new year! Ok ok I’m a little late. Forgive me for my lapse in blogging, it’s been a crazy month. So are you on a new year’s resolution … Continue reading

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