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Two for One

One of the most efficient ways to workout is by using “compound movements” in your exercise regiment; this is where you combine 2 exercises into one. Not only does this method challenge the body more than doing one movement/exersice at a time, but it helps the brain and body coordinate more than one body part at a time. Two for One!

Here is an easy one to get you going. This move combines a simple narrow squat with an overhead shoulder press.

1. Prepare for the movement by placing feet slightly apart, standing tall with shoulders back.
2. Perform a narrow squat, keeping shoulders back and lowering your body until your quadraceps (upper part of leg) are parallel with the floor.
3. Return to standing and at the same time bring your arms to a “W” position, begining an overhead press.
4. Complete the overhead press and return to starting position.
Do about 12-15 reps X 3 sets

For more cool compound movements, check out this page on

One comment on “Two for One

  1. Personal Trainer
    June 29, 2009

    great workout !!thanks for the tips

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