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Monthly Archives: June, 2009

Step ups

Here’s a great new exersize to add to your routine for a butt-shaping cardio/strength blitz! 1) Start facing a weight bench (or step bench) – shoulders back and relaxed 2) … Continue reading

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I’ve just tried Dreyer’s slow churned frozen yogurt in Tart Honey – and I have to tell you it is amazing! Just 100 calories, 2 grams of fat – what … Continue reading

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The plank for great abs

The “plank” exercise is a great way to build strength in both the abs and back. Bonus 1. Lie face down on mat in push up position, palms flat on … Continue reading

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Chew Gum = Great Run!

I do like running, but I wouldn’t say I LOVE it – so people always ask how I get through a 5 miler without going crazy with boredom. A strange … Continue reading

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Sexy Summer Shoulders

Use a rear delt lift 2-3 times a week for great looking arms in those sexy summer tops and bikinis. Holding 5-12 lb dumbbells, stand straight with shoulders back and … Continue reading

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Quick! Bikini workout

Ok you’ve got 2 weeks to a bikini vacation but where to find the time for a workout? If you can get just 35 minutes a day, this workout will … Continue reading

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Move of the day: Sumo Squat

Here is your thigh blasting move of the day – Sumo Squat! 1) Holding a 12-15 lb dumbbell, place your feet in a wide stance with toes turned out 2) … Continue reading

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