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Quick! Bikini workout

Ok you’ve got 2 weeks to a bikini vacation but where to find the time for a workout? If you can get just 35 minutes a day, this workout will get you in tip-top shape for the poolside.

This workout combines a weight circut with a cardio blast. It’s a bit to remember, so you may want to write it down on a post it note and take with you to the gym. Get ready to sweat!

(Remember!! Warm up for 3-5 minutes before starting: walk on treadmill or use the eliptical)

Circuit (5 minutes)
Using 8-12 lb dumbbells, perform this 3 part series without rest:

  1. Walking lunges with bicep curl: perform 24-32 total, walking one way down a straight path for 12-16 lunges, then return to your starting place with 12-16 lunges. (If you don’t have a long straight path, do the lunges in place, alternating Left / Right, 12-16 on each side).
  2. Squat with overhead press – First, perform 12-15 reps of squat with overhead press: while bending knees into the squat, press dumbbells overhead. Next, keep going with 12-15 more squats, leaving the dumbbells at your sides.
  3. Dead lift with back row – perform 12-15 reps of a dead lift followed by a back row, then 12 regular dead lifts (see for instructions).

Cardio Blast (5 minutes)
If you don’t have a good way of measuring time in your gym, do 30 of each for roughly the same timing.

  1. 45 seconds of jumping jacks (15 second recovery)
  2. 45 seconds of simulated jump rope (15 second recovery)
  3. 45 seconds of high knees (15 second recovery)
  4. 45 seconds of squat jumps (15 second recovery)
  5. 45 seconds of pony prance [simulated running keeping on the balls of your feet] (15 second recovery)

Repeat the Circuit/Cardio series 3 times total (30 minutes + 3-5 minutes warm up).


2 comments on “Quick! Bikini workout

  1. Begered
    June 9, 2009

    What is #5 of the Cardio Blast part? 45 sec of ____?

  2. TheGymCoach
    June 30, 2009

    Sorry about that! This post has been fixed. Keep up the good work!

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