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Ab plank with band

Tired of the same old same old crunches? Try this new move to tighten your tum for those bikinis! You’ll even get a bonus shoulder toning as well – vacation here you come!

Muscles Worked: Abs, Shoulders
Time to Complete: 8-10 minutes
You Will Need: Exercise band, mat or towel

1. Start by positioning yourself on a mat or towel in a side plank position. Place one end of the exercise band under your right hand, grasping the other end with the left hand (image 1).
2. Tightening the abs, keep both arms straight and raise your left arm 90 degrees so your arms are now form a T (image 2). Go slowly, count 1,2,3 as you raise your arm.
3. Keeping abs contracted, return your left arm to the starting position (slowly: count 1,2,3) to complete 1 full rep.
4. Complete 10-15 reps on this side, then switch to the other side, performing 10-15 reps there to complete 1 full set.
5. Perform 3 sets total (3 sets of 10-15 reps on each side).


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