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Shoulders with elastic band

Want a way to tone up those shoulders without using weights? Try resistance bands (or exercise bands). Bands are a great tool you can use in many ways, here is just one.

Time to Complete: 5-7 minutes
Muscles Worked: Shoulders
You Will Need: One full size, medium weight resistance band

1. Start the band placed under both feet, holding on to the ends with hands at your sides (not shown).

2. Keeping your arms straight (no bent elbows), think of lifting through the shoulders and slowly raise your hands so they are parallel with the ground (count 1, 2, 3 as you raise).

3. Keeping the same pace (count 1, 2, 3) lower your hands to the starting position.

4. Perform 12-16 repetitions of this movement for 1 complete set; rest 30-60 seconds then repeat the set 2-3 more times depending on your fitness level.

Want a more advanced workout? Add in a squat! Bend at the knees and lower into the squat while raising the arms. (Note, for this version you’ll need to seperate your feet slightly more so than in the picture above.

For more band workouts, check out


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