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Monthly Archives: August, 2009

Look HOT in High Heels

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you my 2nd passion hobby (next to fitness) is high heels. The higher the better! What girl doesn’t love a stiletto? They … Continue reading

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Eat More Fish for Omega 3’s

You’ve probably (hopefully) heard about the benefits of Omega 3’s for the past several years. Many studies have shown Omega 3 is beneficial to cardiovascular and brain health, and also … Continue reading

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Standing Lat Pull Down (with set variations)

Want to bring sexy to the back? Here’s a great upper back training move that’ll have you looking svelte in no time. Do this move 2-3 times per week as … Continue reading

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Stoplight Pepper Pasta

Here is a fantastically healthy summer pasta dish that is delicious! Ingredients (for 1 serving):5 oz whole wheat pasta½ chopped red bell pepper½ chopped yellow pepper1 cup chopped spinach1 clove … Continue reading

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It’s Simple Math

I love working out. But even I know that a true healthy body is 70%+ about what you eat, not your time in the gym. It’s simple math: You spend … Continue reading

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Body blast workout, in 10 minutes!

Are you looking for an easy way to blast off some extra calories while shaping and toning? Here is one of the best: a 10 minute set working your lower … Continue reading

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The new food pyramid

Did you even know the USDA updated the Food Pyramid we all grew up with? The new pyramid is actually quite impressive, and includes a recommended 30-60 minutes of physical … Continue reading

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