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What is that thing? Smith Machine

The Smith machine is a great tool your gym probably has. Because it cannot fall forwards, backwards or sideways, a Smith machine is considered safer to use than an ordinary barbell. You can use the Smith machine for squats, lunches, dead lifts, and a series of arm workouts.

You’ll need to “load up” weights onto the outside of the bar. Move the bar to your needed height first (you should be able to stand tall with the top of the bar resting on your shoulders. I recommend starting with a light weight (25-35 lb plates) your first time out, and see how you feel: if you can do 20 squats, the weight is too light. If you can only do 8 or 10, it’s too heavy.

For a video demo, click here:

Quiz: Who invented the Smith machine? Find out at Wikipedia:

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