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Balance ball pass off

Looking for a new exercise in pursuit of 6 pack abs? Try this balance ball ab move to kick it those core muscles into high gear!

Muscles worked: Abs, Legs
You will need: A mat and large balance ball
Time to complete: 6-8 minutes

1) Begin by lying backside down on a mat, with a large balance ball in between your ankles.

2) Stretch arms overhead and tighten the abs tight.
3) Keeping both the arms and legs straight, raise the ball with your legs while contracting abs so your arms lift to meet the ball at the mid-point of your body, keeping the abs tight and contracted.
4) Now, grab the ball with your hands and return to the lying down position, release the contraction in your abs.
5) Begin again raising the legs to meet the arms (by contracting the abs!), and now pass the ball from hands to ankes, returning back to the lying down position.
6) Repeat 10 times for one full set. Rest 60 seconds then repeat 1-2 more sets.

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