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Standing Lat Pull Down (with set variations)

Want to bring sexy to the back? Here’s a great upper back training move that’ll have you looking svelte in no time. Do this move 2-3 times per week as part of your regular fitness routine.

Muscles worked: Back
You will need: A high pulley cable machine
Time to complete: 5-8 minutes

Basic Movement:

  • Start standing tall in front of high pulley with straight bar attachment.
  • Reach up and place hands on bar slightly wider than shoulder width; roll shoulders back once to insure your shoulder blades are tucked.
  • Keeping arms straight, contract the upper back and slowly pull the bar down toward your thighs, hold one count.
  • Release the contraction slightly, keeping some tension in the back) to raise arms and return bar to the starting position.

SET variations:
(note, establish the heaviest weight at which you can do 12 sets to achieve failure)

Regular Set:
3 sets @ 12, 12, then 10 reps – each using the weight established above; rest 30 seconds between each set

Drop Set:
12 reps at heaviest weight possible for you
12 reps at 20% lighter weight
12 reps at another 20% lighter weight (40% lighter than original starting point)
As many reps as you can (to failure) using lightest weight at 60-70% lighter than your heaviest weight

15 reps at 40% lighter
12 reps at 20% lighter
10 reps at heaviest weight
12 reps at 20% lighter
15 reps at 40% lighter


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