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Monthly Archives: September, 2009

Leg press triangle superset

I’ve hit a bit of a plateau lately with leg day. Generally I do 1 pure leg day per week – consisting of 5-6 exercises working all parts of the … Continue reading

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Vicki’s Low Carb, Low Fat, HEALTHY lasagne

Looking for an amazingly delicious treat without all the carbs of pasta? Try this fabulous recipe from reader Vicki! With all good carbs and fats, loaded with veggies, this is … Continue reading

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Tricep Trifecta

What girl doesn’t want perfectly toned triceps? Because “wings” are only flattering on chickens. Here’s how you can get them in one 15 minute “trifecta” super set. Muscles Worked: TricepsTime … Continue reading

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Mark Bittman’s 8 rules for healthy eating from

Mark Bittman’s 8 rules for healthy eating from Shared via AddThis

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Test your physical fitness

How fit are you? There are a couple of tests to find out. One of them is a push-up test. This is a very simple test, which is to see … Continue reading

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You should know Jack!

If the last time you did a jumping jack was in grade school – read on! The jack is back, and there are a few new variations to get you … Continue reading

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The Importance of Sleep When Building Muscle

Are you getting enough sleep? The importance of rest days and sleep are well outlined in this article. If you’re training more than 6 days a week, you need to … Continue reading

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