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Tricep Trifecta

What girl doesn’t want perfectly toned triceps? Because “wings” are only flattering on chickens. Here’s how you can get them in one 15 minute “trifecta” super set.

Muscles Worked: Triceps
Time to Complete: 15 minutes
You will need: A bench or chair, and a set of 8-12 lb dumbbells (use a weight with which the final 2 reps in each exercise are difficult to complete, and you feel the burn!)

Exercise 1) Bench Dips – 25 reps
Stand with your back facing a bench or chair. Squat down and position hands on the bench shoulder width apart, knuckles pointing forward. Kick legs out so they are straight out, and straighten your arms – your body is in an L shape. Bend at the elbow and lower body, keeping your back/bottom close to the bench. Extend arms to return with arms straight – this is ONE REP. Complete 25 total.

Exercise 2) Tricep kick backs – 12-15 reps
See Image below. Standing with legs together, bend knees and position yourself into a slight squat position. Holding two dumbbells, bend elbows and bring arms tight to body. Flexing the tricep, push the dumbbells to extend arms straight out behind you, then return by bending the elbows. This is ONE REP. Complete 12-15 total, or until the last few reps becoming challenging.

Exercise 3) Overhead tricep press – 12-15 reps
Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width and toes pointed out; bend slightly into a plie squat position. Holding two dumbbells, raise arms overhead positioning arms straight up and directly over your ears with palms facing in. Bend at the elbow until your arms are in an “L” shape (90 degree bend), then return to straighten arms. This is ONE REP. Complete 12-15 or until the last few reps are challenging to complete.

Perform all 3 exercise sets sequentially, rest 30-60 seconds, then repeat the full “trifecta” 2 more times.

Kick back


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