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Arms Around the World

One of my friends said the other night “I want Michelle Obama arms!” I know what you mean – and even better I have your solution! Michelle’s ‘delts‘ (aka her shoulders) are what gives her that svelte look. Here’s a great little all-in-one shoulder workout that will take you 5-7 minutes a day!

Muscles worked: Delts
Time to Complete: 5-7 minutes
You will need: A pair of dumbbells

  • Start by holding 2 dumbbells, palms facing up; standing tall with feet in a comfortable stable position
  • Roll shoulders back and throughout the exercise, keep your shoulder blades firm and tucked.
  • Lifting with the shoulders, bring the dumbbells out into a “T” formation, pause two seconds, then bring them straight overhead.
  • Return arms to the starting position the same way you brought them up.
  • Repeat 12-15 times, rest 30 seconds, then repeat
  • Tip – you can do a 60 second cardio blast in between to really burn the fat! try jumping jacks, running in place, or jumprope!

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This entry was posted on October 8, 2009 by in arms, Exercises.
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