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Tricep push ups

You know that back of arm flab you always complain about? Yep, that part that jiggles when you wave too hard? That’s called the tricep. Well.. the muscle under that fat is anyway. The tricep, at least for women, is the fattiest part of the arm. But if you really work at it (2-3 times a week), you can shape it into a beautiful toned muscle – just in time for your Christmas party dress!

Muscles Worked: Triceps
Time to complete: 7 minutes
You will need: Your body & a bench

1. Start by facing a weight bench, away approximately 2/3 of your height away from the bench.

2. Place your hands on the ends of the bench, fingers spread so that that your thumbs barely touch (you can wrap your thumbs under the bench once you’ve marked this position)

3. Keeping your elbows in line with your shoulder (don’t let the elbows “wing” out), lower yourself into a plank position, with your body straight from heels to top of head (see image #1).

4. Keeping your back flat and body straight, engage the back of arms and push up (see image #2). This is one rep.

5. Perform 10 reps at a moderate pace, then 15 at 1/2 the pace (twice as fast). Rest, then repeat the set 2 more times.


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