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Germs at the gym

It’s that time of year, where germs lurk in every corner of your life. The gym is a notorious place for harboring germs – what with all that sweat. Don’t let your healthy habit be the source of a virus or bacteria. Here are some simple tips to avoid getting germs at the gym.

1. Wipe the machine before and after use. People are generally good at wiping the machine after using it. That’s great – very courteous. But how do you know you’re not the only one with manors? Wipe the machine before use, and keep yourself priority #1. If your gym doesn’t provide anti bacterial spray, fill a small bottle of water and tea tree or rubbing alcohol and bring it with you, or use your own disposable wipes.

2. Bring your own towel. Resist the urge to wipe your sweat laden forehead with the back of your palm. I use a permanent marker to write “face” (or “F”) on one side, to designate which side you should be putting on your face, vs. the side you put down on equipment.

3. Use weight gloves. The handles of free weights have been touched by hundreds, if not thousands, of hands yet hardly ever get the spray down from the gym staff! You can avoid the majority of them by putting a glove between you and the weight. Plus it makes it so much more comfortable!

4. Clean your ear buds with alcohol or tea-tree spray. Though hopefully no one else is using your ear buds, your own sweat can create pore blockage in your ears. Trust me, I’ve had one too many ear pimples to not follow this tip!

5. Wash your waterbottle every time. Bacteria lurks on the top of your bottle where your mouth has been. Wash it in hot water (or the dishwasher) each and every time you use it.

Here’s to your health!

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