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HOTEL workout

A friend of mine recently asked what can she do while traveling so much?

Sure, you could do push ups, sit-ups, and the standard lunges, but if you’re a busy traveler you’re probably sick of those! Here are some much more exciting exercises you can do in your hotel room on the road. All you need is one rolled up hand towel and you’ve got your own private gym!

(1): Bicep curl pulling towel in lunge (20 total)
1. Grab a rolled up towel in both hands, with hands apart the distance of your hips (towel should be taught).
2. Place feet approximately 3-4 feet apart and lower into a 90 degree lunge position.
3. With arms full extended, squeeze bicep muscles into a curl, letting the towel ‘float’ to meet your chest.
4. Repeat 10 reps, then change so that the opposite foot is in front for the lunge – perform 10 curls here.

(2): Static Squat / Tricep pull back (with towel)
1. Grab a rolled up towel in one hand and with the towel draping across your back, grab it with the other hand (your arms will be ‘trapped’ behind your back as if in hand cuffs).
2. With feet planted about 1 foot apart, lower into a half squat (approximately 45 degree angle) and hold this position throughout the exersize
3. Raise the arms as high as they will go, then lower but don’t let the towel touch your butt.
4. Do 12-15 reps, then release the towel and squat.

(3): Wall squat with Shoulder raise pulling towel
1. Standing with your back flat against a wall, plant feet approximately 2 feet from the wall, and 1 foot apart from each other.
2. Hold a rolled up towel in both hands, so that the towel is taught with hands hip distance apart. Fully extend the arms so they are resting on your thighs.
3. Glide your back down the wall, lowering into a squat, while at the same time pulling on the towel and bringing your arms high above your head, keeping arms straight.
4. Glide your back up the wall, returning arms (keeping them straight) back to your thighs
5. Repeat 15 times.

(4): Jump over towel
1. Find an open area of ground approximately 5 feet in length. Lay a rolled up towel half way in between, creating two 2 ½ feet spaces.
2. Position yourself on one side of the towel, placing hands on hips and crouching into a half squat position.
3. With a burst of energy, jump over the towel to the other side, landing SOFTLY (don’t wake your neighbors!), then jumping to the starting side
4. Repeat a full 15 jumps side to side (30 total jumps).
(5): Ab twist with towel
1. Lying on the floor, bend your knees and place heels approximately 2 feet from your bottom.
2. Hold a rolled up towel in each hand, and with straight arms, contract abdominals to raise your shoulders off the floor (hands should nearly touch knees)
3. Twist from the abs to the left, bringing your right hand to meet your left knee (keep the towel taught), then twist the other way
4. Repeat a total of 15 twists back and forth (30 total ab turns).

REPEAT full series of exercises 1 to 5 a total of 2-3 times


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