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One Leg at a Time

Sometimes the best way to work the body is to work one side at a time. This “unilateral” format insures both sides of your body are equally strong, and works stability. Additionally, working only one side at a time requires more core support and forms strong abs.

Here’s a great lower body unilateral routine for you advanced gym go-ers. You can do these as straight sets (do 2-3 sets of each exercise), or as a circut repeated 3 times (do 1 set of each exercise then move on to the next; repeat when you reach the end 2 more times ):

1. One legged squat (10-12 reps on each side) – Holding on to a vertical bar for balance, stand on one leg with the other bent in front of you. Decline as far as you can keeping your knee behind your toe, then return to the standing position.

2. One legged lunges (12 reps on each side) – Holding dumbbells, plant one toe on a weight bench and place the other foot far in front. Decline to a 90 degree lunge then return to standing keeping your back toe on the bench.

3. Walking lunges (do 12 heading one way and 12 heading back) – Holding dumbbells, step forward and land on the heel of one foot, then decline into a lunge. Pressing through the front heel, pick up fhe back foot and bring it forward into another lunge.

4. One legged dead lifts (10 reps each side) – Holding a weight bar, stand with bar in front of thighs and place one leg out behind you with the toe lightly touching the floor. Bend at the hips, keep your front leg locked and let your back leg raise off the floor – bring the bar to the bottom of your shin and then return to the standing position. 

5. One legged calve raises (15 reps each side) – Holding dumbbells or a weight bar (or a vertical bar for balance), raise up onto the ball of one foot with the other floating in air.


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