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Tricep Superset

Chicken wings with bbq sauce? Good. Chicken wings on the backs of your arms? Bad. The tricep is that large muscle (really, a group of 3 muscles) on the back of your arm. You use it when you push things (like a door), the opposite of the bicep muscle (used in pulling).

But if you’re not a regular gym nut like me, you probably don’t really get a good workout for those 3 muscles back there. Here’s an amazing workout that’ll get those babies in gear in just 8 minutes.

Tricep Superset*Muscles Worked: Triceps
Time to Complete: 8 minutes (or so)
You will need: A pair of medium (8-10 lb) dumbbells and a weight bench or chair

How-to: Do 10-12 repetitions of exercise 1, immediately followed by 10-12 reps of exercise 2. Rest 30-60 seconds, then repeat 2-3 more times.

Exercise 1: Tricep pushup on bench (or chair)

  • Place palms of hands on a weight bench or chair, close to eachother (thumbs should touch when extended)
  • Roll your shoulders back to insure your upper back is supporting your body weight
  • Slowly decline into the bench, then tensing triceps, push back up counting a slow “1, 2”



Exercise 2: Tricep kick back:

  • Holding a dumbell in each hand, bend over at the waist and bend elbows.
  •  Contracting the tricep muscle, pull the weight back so your arm is fully extended.




* “Superset” is the term for combining two exercises using the same muscle group to maximize the amount of work of an that muscle. The two exercises should be performed with no rest period between the exercises.


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