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Counting Calories – the #1 weight loss tool

You may already know that the biggest dent you can make in your weight loss goals is through diet. You’ll be hard pressed to get TheGymCoach here to say exercise doesn’t count – because it does – but even I will tell you that what you consume in a day has more to do with your weight than exercise.

This knundrum is really simple math. Unless you’re on ‘The Biggest Loser’ you’re working out at most 1 hour a day (am I right?). But you’ve got on average 14-18 waking hours where you may be consuming food. Thus, there are simply more opportunities with food calories than there are with those you can burn off at the gym.

And though calories are not the only measure to take into account (good quality food over cheap, junk food of course), it is the easiest and most common unit. Therefore, here are your 3 easy steps to losing through counting calories:

Step One: Calculate the number of calories you should have in a day (to maintain or lose weight). There’s a great online tool here:

Step Two: Write down EVERYTHING you eat and the calories, aiming for your target number.
The best FREE calorie counter is: and a good for pay site where you can enter and save all your journaling is:

Step Three: Make adjustments by reading about healthy eating and diet planning. Here are some great resources:

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This entry was posted on December 29, 2009 by in Training planning.
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