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The "I hate to run" run

So you already know that running is one of the best ways to blast fat and burn calories, but suppose you just hate to run? Or suppose you are like me and just don’t feel like it every day. Problem solved  with this “3 minutes on, 1 minute off” format run that takes less than 25 minutes to complete, all in trade for about 250 calories burned.

Here’s the Format:

Warm up 3-5 minutes with a brisk walk

Complete 5 cycles (repeats) of the following (20 minutes total):
Run* for 3 minutes
> Brisk Walk for 1 minute

Cool down/Stretch (3-5 minutes)

Because you are “recovering” frequently in this run, you really need to push your speed for maximum results. Use a pace that is faster than a jog, one where it would be challenging to keep up a conversation. For example, my easy jog pace is 6.5 mph, and in this run I try to run at 8.0 mph. Use the walk breaks to recover your heart rate and sip water to hydrate.


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This entry was posted on January 23, 2010 by in Cardio, run.
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