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What’s in my gym bag?

Packing for the gym isn’t always second nature. What you take with you and what you don’t can either make or break your workout. Like that time when you forgot socks… or one running shoe? So I bet your dying to know what’s in mine, right?

gymbagApart from the usual (clothes, shoes, socks), I generally have a ‘ready to go’ bag of all my critical things:

1) Water bottle – #1 priority. I also usually pack Nuun electrolyte tablets.

2) Sweat towel – I actually mark with a Sharpie® on one side “Up” – which reminds me that’s the side to wipe my forehead with, the other can lay down on the gym bench/equipment.

3) Small spray bottle of tea-tree/water mix – This is a great skin saver! Tea-tree is anti-bacterial, so spraying a bit before toweling off keeps your pores clear. Also great to spray on your towel and clean your Mp3 ear-buds.

4) Weight gloves – super necessity for keeping your palms callus free (and less germy)

5) Mp3 player – of course! Can’t get pumped without my tunes.

6) Foot powder – I use it in my socks to keep my feet from chafing, and athlete-foot free!

7) Make-up remover towelettes– Just in case I forget to remove my make-up before hand.

2 comments on “What’s in my gym bag?

  1. Pamela
    February 4, 2010

    I always have my iPod, workout log, and post workout hand sanitizer. Can’t workout without any of them.

    February 4, 2010

    These are all great things to take along with you to the gym!! I have to have water! I also have to have my iPod so I can rock out and keep my energy level up. Thanks for sharing!

    Jen 🙂

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