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Quickie fat blast run

Want to burn 250 calories in 22 minutes?* This is my go-to run when I’ve had chocolate or an extra glass of wine the night before. It’s super easy to remember as well (again, due to the wine consumption!). Here’s the routine:

  • Warm Up: Brisk Walk – 2 minutes
  • Easy jog – 2 minutes

For the next 10 minutes, repeat the following pattern 5 times:

  • 1×1 Interval Speed Run: Run Fast 1 minute; Run easy 1 minute (try to hit a near sprint pace on the fast run, and about 1.0-1.5 mph less on the easy run part)

Transition: Walk 1 minute to recover, and set the incline on the machine to 2.0-4.0 (wherever you are comfortable)

  • Incline Run: Run at the same easy pace you did above, for 5 minutes
  • Cool Down: Walk for 2 minutes to cool down.

Have fun!

*based on average weight

One comment on “Quickie fat blast run

    February 20, 2010

    awesome workout!! That would definitely kick my butt!! I’ll have to try it!! I’m up for the challenge!! Thanks for sharing this workout!

    Jen 🙂

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