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Back on Track

backontrack I very rarely write posts on my own personal journey with weight management, but in reflecting on my experience in the past little while, I decided to do more of an inside view to my life… because though you may not believe it, I too battle every day with watching my weight.

Last week was probably the busiest I’ve had at work in a long time (at my ‘other’ day desk job that is), and culminated with a 40 person event I had planned and run. Not only was I working 12-14 hour days (so didn’t get to work out), was tired (so will power was down), but was not in control of my own meal plan – recipe for disaster! After 4 days of eating boxed sandwiches (trying hard to remove the white bread), coffee (to fight the tiredness), wine at dinners out, and cookies (which were my ultimate downfall), the scale was not happy with me.

But here’s where I pull up my big girl panties and get back on track. Staring at the scale showing I am now up 2.5 lbs (while I ha a goal of losing 5 before summer), I was tempted to get really frustrated and depressed. But after that initial reaction passed, I was resigned to get back on track.

What does this mean? For me, this is my go-to plan of plans:

  1. Write down my goals
    • Be “SMART” (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, Time based)
    • If you’re doing this, you must understand what it will take to achieve your goal; e.g. if you want to “lose 4 lbs in 1 month” – calculate then what that means as a goal for calories consumption, workout plan, etc..Use this great calculator from to help:
  2. Keep a food journal
    • based on the goal above, I track my progress against target calorie/fat/carb intake each day.
  3. Keep an “I want” list..
    • I write down all of the treats I think I am missing out on (e.g. when I’m craving a cupcake, I write it down on my “I want” list). At the end of each week, I allow myself ONE of these treats.
  4. Create a weekly workout plan
    • I generally up my cardio when I’m trying to lose weight, so I map out my days an time in the gym to allow for this.
    • Because I work full time and manage my calendar through outlook, I block in times for my workouts to ensure i get the time rather than being booked in meetings all day.

i hope that my own experience along the journey, and ideas for planning help you. Good luck!

One comment on “Back on Track

    March 9, 2010

    Great goals!! Just take one day at a time!! Pat yourself on the back for your little successes. I know you can lose 5 pound before summer!! 🙂

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