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Looking your best, even when you’re not

I have an event tonight – a formal charity auction dinner with a lot of swanky folks from the city. I’m quite excited about it, though if you’ve read my blog recently, you know I’m not at my fittest at the moment (yes, happens to me too!). Lucky for me though, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to look my best even when I’m not.

1) Get a tan – if you’re not lucky enough to have dark skin, you may not know that tanned skin looks more toned, and because it reflects light better, really does make you look slimmer than you are.

2) Wear heels – ever wonder why heels make you look slimmer? It’s simple math – if you add 3 inches to your height, with your same weight distributed, you instantly slim up your height/weight ratio. Heels also engage your leg muscles, making calves, quads, and butt look their best.

3) Get your hair and make-up done – Nothing will perk up your mental state more than a girly day at the salon, but also with a dazzling do and face, you’ll draw attention here rather than your body.

4) Do a 30 minute workout about 30 minutes before you start getting ready – Ever notice you’re about a pound slimmer just following a workout? You burn up calories and flush fluid through sweating with a 30 minute cardio burst. Plus, the flushed cheeks will make you look young and healthy!

5) Drink water and watch your alcohol and sodium intake – To keep a slim belly through the night, keep up the water and cut down on sodium which can bloat you, and if you’re like me – alcohol causes you to lose self-control and eat all those deserts!

So take heart, even if you’re not feeling your at your slimmest, you can look your best with these easy tips! And remember, have fun at your event – that’s the whole point!

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  1. tina
    March 15, 2010


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