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The Evil 5 (25 min advanced sprint run)

Samara_dec09_0895This is not a run for the faint of heart, or the beginning runner. But if you’ve been running for a while, have good experience  changing pace on the treadmill – and really want to turn it up a notch – this run is for you.

I do this run when I have a lot of energy to burn – and want to maximize my calorie expenditure in a short time frame (who doesn’t!?). I will often do this run following an arm weight lifting cycle – never on leg day.

So if you’re looking for a kick butt high energy run – try The Evil 5 (you’ll know why I call it this when you run it).

Note – as always, you will need to adjust the speed/pace based on your own ability and height. I note my speeds for reference only. Remember I’m a 5’3’” girl, so tall guys – you better go faster than me!

The Evil 5 Run

0:00-2:00 Brisk Walk (warm up)
2:00-9:00 Run at moderate pace (mine =6.7 mph)
9:00-10:00 Brisk Walk (recover)
10:00-20:00 5 cycle repeat (2:00 each cycle):
  1 min at moderate pace (mine = 7.0 mph)
  45 seconds at very fast pace (mine = 9.0 mph)
  15 seconds step onto sides of treadmill and recover heart rate
20:00-21:00 Brisk Walk (recover)
21:00-24:00 Run at moderate pace
24:00-25:00 Brisk Walk (cool down)

I’d love to hear how you do with this run. Add a comment if you’re one of the brave to try it. Have fun!


2 comments on “The Evil 5 (25 min advanced sprint run)

  1. tina
    April 15, 2010

    Looks pretty itense! Great for runners to add to their programs!

    :O) Tina

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