Samara Donald is: The Gym Coach

Make the most of your workout!

Straight up!

Samara_dec09_0120  Standing up straight isn’t just something our parents like to remind us of, there are some very good reasons for standing up tall:

1. Minimize risk of neck, back, and other injury

2. Feel better, by putting less stress on your muscles and joints

3. Look slimmer!

Aligning your posture when preparing for weight lifting is ever more important, primarily for preventing injury. How many times have you seen instructions for an exercise that starts with “stand tall with feet hip distance apart.”?

But how to have proper posture is not always as easy at it may seem. Many people don’t even know how to stand tall, and others just forget during the day. Here are some great tips for assuring the proper posture, not just when you’re working out but all the time:

  1. Place feet “hip-distance apart” – This means, your legs should each create a straight (perpendicular) line from the floor to your hips, in a rectangle shape (men have an easier time with this as it is their natural body shape. Women may feel a bit awkward as most of our bodies are more “V” shaped with our wider hips).
  2. Roll your shoulders back (a few times), and when done feel your shoulder blades contract gently, as if they are trying to touch.
  3. Imagine there is a string coming from the top of your head, and someone is pulling gently on it from ceiling.
  4. Tuck your hips and butt, and contract your abs, so that you feel you are creating a straight line from your lower back to the top of your neck.
  5. Breathe! While trying this position the first few times it may seem awkward – and we tend to hold our breath when doing new things. Remember to keep breathing and the posture will soon become natural.

Use these tips to create perfect posture, before any exercise or anytime during the day.


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