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Monthly Archives: May, 2010

Stretch it out!

 There are a few things I’m notoriously bad at – and stretching after a workout is one of them. Generally I allow for 5 minutes of warm up / dynamic … Continue reading

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I looked up the definition of commitment today and was somewhat surprised: com·mit·ment [ kə mítmənt ] (noun): 1) responsibility: something that takes up time or energy, especially an obligation. 2) loyalty: devotion … Continue reading

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Low cal, low fat Broccoli & Asparagus soup!

Ever cooked veggies beyond eating texture? I have, and always end up throwing out good food. How about making a soup with those delicious and nutritious veggies? Here’s a new … Continue reading

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4 Day split: Workout #4

Well we made it to workout #4 of this new spring split series – nice work! If you missed workouts 1-3, no sweat – you can find them below in … Continue reading

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4 Day split: Workout #3

Did you enjoy Workout #1 and #2? Well we’ve made it to Workout #3: Triceps and Hamstrings – that’s right, the back of body so you can look as good … Continue reading

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4 Day Split, Workout #2

Did you like Workout #1? You’re going to love Workout #2! We move to your biceps and quads – the big muscle groups that love to be worked, and hard! … Continue reading

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4 Day Split: Workout #1

Today is the start of our 4 day split series, where I’ll take you through 4 workouts to create your new spring plan. You’ll find the full split plan (a … Continue reading

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