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4 day split

I’ve been working on a new split plan, something to shake up my spring training. You know I’m big on planning being the key to any fitness goals. Over the next four days, I’ll introduce you to 4 workouts to get your whole body in shape. So keep checking back and I’ll show you some great stuff to kick start or get you off that plateau.

Each workout will be about 30-40 minutes. Beginners, stick with the workout on its own (plenty of heart pumping cardio there!). If you’ve been working out a while and want some extra fat blasting, take the intermediate route and add 20 min of cardio to the end of each workout. And, if you’re like me and cant’ do less than 6 days a week without feeling like a slacker, you’ll add in yoga and spin class (or other cardio class) on 2 of the 3 ‘off’ days.

Here’s the plan:

  Beginner Interm/Adv.
Day 1 Workout 1 (Shoulders/Calves)  +20 min cardio
Day 2 OFF OFF*
Day 3 Workout 2 (Biceps/Quads)  +20 min cardio
Day 4 Workout 3 (Triceps / Hamstrings & Glutes)  +20 min cardio
Day 5 OFF OFF*
Day 6 Workout 4 (Back & Abs)  +20 min cardio

*Advanced students: on 2 of the 3 OFF days, do a Yoga or Spin class 

So get ready, and check back tomorrow for our first Workout of this new series!


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