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4 Day Split, Workout #2

Did you like Workout #1? You’re going to love Workout #2! We move to your biceps and quads – the big muscle groups that love to be worked, and hard! A reminder of your weekly plan, this workout comes after a rest day and can be followed by 20 minutes of cardio if you so desire.

So let’s do it!

Exercise #1 : Squat “ladder” using barbell or smith machine
Complete all three sets, rest 60 seconds then repeat 2 more times
15 reps Using light weight*
12 reps Using moderate weight (go up 50% in weight)
8-10 reps Using heavy weight (go up 50% in weight)
*weight guidance: 
Smith Machine: 30lbs beginner, 50 intermediate, 70 lbs advanced
Barbell: 20 lbs beginner, 30 lbs intermediate, 40 lbs advanced
Exercise #2: Walking lunges with bicep curls
10 lunges Holding two dumbbells, lunge forward and curl biceps. 
each way Stand then repeat with opposite leg
  Repeat, traveling back to starting position
Exercise #3: Bicep 21’s – use 5 lbs (beg.), 10 lbs (int), or 12-15 (adv)
Complete all three sets, rest 60 seconds then repeat 2 more times
7 reps raise the weight only until your arm is at aligned with your waist 
7 reps starting with arms aligned at waist, curl biceps toward the shoulder
7 reps extend arms fully and complete a full bicep curl
Exercise #4: Leg extensions (machine)
4 sets of Complete 5 reps slowly (3 counts up, 3 counts down), then
15 reps Complete final 10 reps on a 1 count up/down
Exercise #5: Bicep cable curl
4 sets of Using an exercise band or low pulley, grab bar/handle
12 reps stand tall; extend arms fully then contract bicep curling upward
  pause 2 seconds, then extend fully once again.

Stretch biceps by opening arms wide; stretch quads by standing tall, bend one knee and grab your shoe laces behind you.


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