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4 Day split: Workout #3

Did you enjoy Workout #1 and #2? Well we’ve made it to Workout #3: Triceps and Hamstrings – that’s right, the back of body so you can look as good on the way out as you do on the way in! Don’t forget the full split plan we started earlier this week.

Remember, click on the links to see photos and instructions at referenced sites. Here we go!

Exercise #1 : Superset! Tricep extension + Single Leg dead lift
Complete all three sets, rest 60 seconds then repeat 2 more times
15 reps Lying triceps extension –  face up on a weight bench with barbell
10 reps Right leg single leg deadlift with barbell (instructions at
10 reps Left leg single leg deadlift with barbell
*weight guidance: 
Beginner: 15-20 lbs | Intermediate: 20-25 lbs | Advanced: 30-35 lbs
Exercise #2: Superset! Tricep press down + Back lunges off bench
12-15 reps Tricep press down using pulley machine
10 reps Stand on a weight bench and step off backward with 1 leg – decline
each leg into lunge; stand back up and repeat. Complete 10 on each leg
Exercise #3: Tricep kick backs 
3 sets Holding 2 dumbbells, bend over at the waist and bend elbows;
12-15 reps contracting the tricep muscle, extend arms fully
Exercise #4: Hamstring ball curls
3 sets Lay on your back with heels on a medium ball; lift hips/ extend legs;
10-12 reps roll ball toward you, then back out. See how at
Exercise #5: Tricep push-ups
3 sets Place palms of hands onto a weight bench, shoulder distance apart 
10 reps Go into a plank position, and decline slowly then push up 

Finish up with 20 minutes of cardio if you’ve got the energy!


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