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4 Day split: Workout #4

Well we made it to workout #4 of this new spring split series – nice work! If you missed workouts 1-3, no sweat – you can find them below in the original posts. Workout #4 focuses on the final set of muscle groups: back and abs. And remember, for calorie burn you can add 20 minutes of any cardio activity.

So are you ready to get a sexy back and tummy? Here we go…

Exercise #1 : Straight arm pull down 
15 reps Set a pulley machine to medium weight (enough to tire muscles in 15 reps)
  Place hands on bar, shoulder width apart; keep arms straight and pull down
Exercise #2:  Bicycle crunches (25 each side)
25 reps Start by lying on your back on the mat, feet flat on floor with knees bent
  place palms of hands behind head and raise shoulders off the floor
  contracting abs, bring left knee to right shoulder; reverse to complete 1 rep
Exercise #3: One arm dumbbell rows
12-15 reps Place left knee and hand on a bench and hold a dumbbell in your right hand
each arm loweryour right arm to the floor and keep back flat. Contracting shoulder
  blade, raise the dumbbell in a row motion. Repeat 12-15 times; change arms
Exercise #4: Ab “V”- ups
3 sets Start by lying on your back on the mat, feet flat on floor with knees bent
20 reps Keeping your abs tight, raise your legs and arms toward eachother
Exercise #5: High plank hold
3 sets Place palms of hands onto a mat, shoulder distance apart 
60 seconds Go into a plank position, insuring shoulder blades are ‘tucked’
  Hold for 60 seconds, rest no more than 30 seconds, repeat 2 more times

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