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On the road again…

I’ve been traveling this week, on a road trip from Washington state to California, by way of Oregon, Nevada and Arizona. 5 days and 1,600 miles to be (nearly) exact, which is a lot of time away from my normal workout and meal patterns. As this is probably the start of vacation season for a lot of you too, I thought I’d take a moment to jot down some tips on staying fit and healthy while on the road, no matter where you’re going or how long you’re staying.

Eating healthy on the road

apple Finding healthy food while traveling is sometimes as tough as finding a clean bathroom on a local highway, but if you plan ahead you can avoid being trapped between a cheeseburger and pizza. Subway is of course a good option if you can find one, but if you can’t here are some other good choices:

  1. Starbucks spinach feta wrap (breakfast) or to-go sandwiches (check the nutrition labels for best options)
  2. At McDonald’s, choose the yogurt parfait (breakfast) and filet-o-fish with no mayo, or any one of the salads and go light with dressing.
  3. At Jack in the Box, try the chicken fajita pita
  4. Always choose bottled water over even diet sodas; you’ll stay better hydrated and be able to flush extra sodium in most fast food meals.

For snacks, plan ahead and pack these smart options:

  1. Raw almonds or cashews
  2. Fresh or Dried fruit (try to find natural options without added sugar, sodium, or preservatives)
  3. Cliff bars or similar natural energy bar
  4. Low sodium Turkey jerky
  5. Low fat mozzarella cheese sticks

Fitness on the roadSamara_dec09_0203

No matter where you are, try to work your fitness into your day just by being active. Take walks, hikes, swim, or go for a jog if you can. If you have the space and time, try my go to on the road workout called the “Hotel 300”: It’s fast, easy, and will keep you on track while traveling!

  • 25 pushups
  • 25 lunges on each leg (50 total)
  • 75 sit ups (25 forward, 25 with right ankle on left knee and 25 with left ankle on right knee)
  • Repeat 2 times total and you’ve done a total of 300 reps

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