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TheGymCoach boot camp #1

Have you wanted to try a boot camp but didn’t find one near you? I am running an all women’s boot camp over the next several weeks, and will be posting a few of the workouts so you can follow along! Here is the first in the series. You can do this in your home, or at the gym!

Time to Complete: Approx 50-60 minutes

You will need: A pair of 8-12 lb dumbbells, yoga mat, place to run (or treadmill)

1. Warm up for 3-5 minutes with: high knees, alternating arm reaches (30 seconds), jogging in place (30 seconds), jumping jacks (30), alternating lunges (20 total)

2. Weight circuit:

2A: Back lunge with shoulder press — Holding weights at your sides, Do 6 back lunges with the right leg. Then do 6 more back lunges but this time bring the weights into an overhead shoulder press when you return to the standing position. Repeat this on your left leg. Rest 30 seconds then repeat the Right and Left leg series one more time.

2B: Side lunge with weighted punch — With weights at your sides and elbows slightly bent, lunge out to the side with your right leg and punch forward with your left hand (holding the dumbbell), switch to your left leg/right arm. Continue alternating to complete 20 total lunge/punches. Rest 30 seconds then repeat for 20 more.

2C: Upright row with half jacks — Stand tall and hold dumbbells to your sides. Keeping the dumbbells close to the front of your body, Raise your elbows so they are at ear height. Return arms to fully extended position, then repeat 3 more times (4 total reps). Now, keeping the dumbbells at your sides, do 8 “half jumping jacks” – using only your legs: jump outward with both legs, then jump both feet back together. Repeat this series (4 upright rows / 8 half jacks) 3 times total.

2D: Weighted skaters: Holding weights, put all your weight on your left leg. Reach your right leg behind and toward the left back corner of the room, balancing with your arms when needed. Return to standing and repeat 11 more times for 12 times total. Then, reverse the move and put your weight on your right leg, kicking your left leg back and behind toward the back right corner – do 12 on this side. Rest 30 seconds then repeat 12 more on your left and 12 more on your right.

3. 15 minute hill run: Outside or on a treadmill, find a hilly run and go at moderately fast speed for 15 minutes.

4. Ab circuit

4A: “75” Crunches – Lying on a mat with your knees bent and feet about 1 foot from your bottom, do 25 crunches straight toward your knees, then 25 with your right foot on left knee, and 25 with your left foot on your right knee

4B: Toes to ceiling pulses: Lying on your back with legs straight in the air, contract your abs and push the bottom of your feet toward the ceiling. Repeat 25 times

4C: 60 second plank hold: Balancing on your forearms and toes, contract abs and make your  body flat and straight – hold for 60 seconds

5: Cool down and stretch for 3-5 minutes


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