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Tiny movements for Big results (Yoga Booty and The Bar Method)

BalletStance About a month ago, I tried a class at The Bar Method and last week I tried a new class at my local yoga studio called “Yoga Booty”. Both of these two classes use a similar method of focusing on tiny movements of contraction and stretching. Though traditional yoga focuses on both the physical and the inner, spiritual side, Yoga Booty like The Bar Method concentrates on physical fitness and muscle development. Here, I will share my experience with both of these two workouts:

My trial class of The Bar Method started with a warm up using 3 lb weights. At first I balked at this and made a mental comment that I’d surely be wishing the instructor would have let me use at least the 5 lb dumbbells. I mean, c’mon – I use up to 25 lb dumbbells at the gym! But, sure enough a few minutes in I was starting to feel the burn! The instructor corrected my form no less than 4 times, which was a tad insulting but probably she was right to do so. This is a completely different type of workout that even fitness instructors have to learn!

Yoga Booty is not a trademarked class like The Bar Method, and is a new course offered by my yoga studio ( (note, Yoga Booty Ballet from Beach Body is a different and trademarked DVD series). This class was a bit like Jane Fonda calisthenics meets hot  yoga. I loved how the class got me sweating but focused on really controlling and contracting muscle groups with focus vs. weights.

All in all, both The Bar Method and Yoga Booty would be a great addition to any fitness regimen. Though I am not convinced doing either more than 1-2 times for week as a supplement to weight training and cardio as a foundation, it is clear that these types of tiny movements will help not only give your body tone and definition, but also will help during other forms of training given the muscle focus and awareness.

Try them both!


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This entry was posted on July 31, 2010 by in fitness.
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