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Motivate Me!

Samara_dec09_0707 If you’re struggling to get into a regular workout routine, or get BACK to working out after a break – you’re not alone. Motivation to keep up with a fitness routine is one of the most common complaints I hear. Though at the end of the day it comes down to dragging your own butt to the gym, here are a few tips I use if I’m in a slump:

1) Download some new cool tunes: Nothing motivates me more than working out to fun music! I am always excited to go to the gym when I’ve got new music to catch up on. So load up your MP3, or subscribe to a podcast and get moving!

2) Sign up for a new workout class:  A class is not only fun, but gives you a set day and time to make it to the gym. Why not try something totally different and fun like Zumba, Cardio kick boxing, or Body Pump!

3) Find a friend who’ll meet you at a set time for a workout. nothing

4) Sign up for 5-10 sessions with a Personal Trainer: Trainers can be awesome for accountability, and for giving you new ideas to keep you going. Even I like to get my own trainer every 3-6 months to get some new ideas!

5) Get some new gear: If you’re a clothes/shoe girl, get some new fun fashionable workout gear and new sneakers to workout in. You’ll be surprised at how you’ll wake up early just to put on your new gear!

Good luck and happy work out!


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This entry was posted on August 10, 2010 by in fitness.
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