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Fight Gravity with Overhead Triceps Extension

Getting into my 30’s, no matter how hard I work I now notice little divets in the back of my arms and legs. This must be gravity talking! Luckily, with some extra effort I know I can keep the “chicken arms” at bay with some good triceps work. Here is my favorite move for the triceps. Incorporate this into your routine 2-3 times per week if you are fighting the gravity like me!

1) Start by standing tall holding 1 dumbbell with both hands

2) Raise the dumbbell overhead with straight locked arms (Picture 1) **reminder, keep your shoulders dropped and relaxed

3) Keeping your elbows toward the front of the room as much as possible, allow the dumbbell to drop while elbows bend (Picture 2)

4) Keeping elbows where they are, contract triceps and allow them to push and return the dumbbell straight overhead.

**This is the real beauty of the exercise — squeeze your triceps and make them push that dumbbell – don’t allow your hands/forearms to just lift the weight. Practice this sensation by doing the move without the dumbbell – squeezing your triceps to literally ‘float’ your forearm/hands back to the extended position.

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This entry was posted on September 15, 2010 by in arms.
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