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It’s all in the CORE

I’ve been plagued by tight hips and hamstrings recently, and despite stretching like a maniac they weren’t getting much more loose. I decided to bite the bullet and consult a physical therapist, as in the past PT has got me up and running when regular stretching wouldn’t do it alone.

Surprise, surprise – the problem it seems isn’t as much to do with weak hams and hips, but rather my CORE and lower back strength. Why I’m not surprised? The body is a funny and marvelous thing that all works together – and the CORE is what supports EVERYTHING. Whenever I’m feeling pain or weakness, it almost always means I’m not using my core properly.

So a reminder to you as it was to me — work your core (I don’t mean your abs I mean the full core: “the body minus the legs and the arms” and especially your lower back. These are the “non glamour muscles” that most of us forget about!

A great core exercise is the plank:

Remember to pull in from the belly button – as if there is a string going from the floor to ceiling through your belly. Tuck your hips under and maintain a straight body from toe to head.

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This entry was posted on October 10, 2010 by in fitness.
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