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Monthly Archives: November, 2010

Post Thanksgiving Workout

Did you eat too much on Turkey day? Don’t sweat it, even I did !! How can you resist the delicious foods on this eating holiday… But if you’re feeling … Continue reading

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Stoplight weight management

Anyone who’s tried to lose weight knows the sure-fire way is to keep a food journal. But it can get very tiring to write down all your food, look up … Continue reading

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Green Eggs .. no ham!

I created a very easy and delicious breakfast this morning – ok it’s not such a ‘creation’ as a super simple twist on ‘green eggs’. With healthy spinach and power … Continue reading

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Ultimate Booty Lift

Ok girls, I know that bikini season is far far away (for those that don’t live near the southern hemisphere) but now is the time to start shaping that booty for … Continue reading

November 16, 2010 · 1 Comment

You are what you wear

And why not have fun with what you wear in the gym? I’ve just created some really fun new shirts on my T-Shirt store: – check them out. I … Continue reading

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Fueling the gym body

If you’ve ever used the phrase “food is feul” you are definitely a fitness nut. Even if you haven’t, you probably know that the right balance of nutrition can make … Continue reading

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